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8 steps to recovery

The Ladder program features 8 modules, each of which offer personalized educational content and interactive activities and missions to complete. Each module targets a specific topic that is important for your recovery.

Our research has brought us to development of a precise and effective model that helps you recover and reboot. 


Recovery Plan

With an interactive interface that tracks your progress, helps you schedule your life and recovery and that changes and adapts as you progress through the recovery program. With this tool you will be able to set clear goals, identify your triggers and how to overcome them and many more feautuers. The Ladderout recovery plan will be a life changer for any person who strives to change his life for the better.
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This is where you identify your skills that will help you out of your addiction. You can either chose between a set of preselected skills or add your own unique skills. Don’t underestimate what your skills can do for your recovery!

Mighty Tools


With the weekly and monthly check-ins you can see how your recovery is doing. Have you reached your goals? Are you in risk of a relapse? And so on...

Support Person

Connect a person that you trust on to your recovery plan. In this way he or she can help you when you are at risk of a relaps, or help you to hold your self accountable when the pain of withdrawal is taking over.


See what other people say about pornography and addiction. We can never have too much knowledge so why not read and watch some more.
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Ladderout is a world unique anonymous program for treating compulsory porn addiction. Using both traditional cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as well ass the latest science in behavioral treatment.